Review Policy

The Biblio Life Review Policy

*** Notice/Update ***
As of January 1st, 2018, all book reviews will be published via Goodreads and all box/product reviews/features will be published predominately via Instagram.
I will occasionally link reviews to this blog, and upon request I am happy to include a review on Amazon/other retailer website, and/or publish an unboxing or product feature on the blog as well. 

BOOKS: I will review/feature most genres of books (see below). It is my goal to provide an honest, thorough, and thoughtful review that my readers can enjoy and utilize. Most of my work is spoiler-free unless specifically stated otherwise.

BOXES/PRODUCTS: I will feature and review anything book/subscription box related from candles & coffee/tea samples to bookmarks, sleeves, magnets/pins, art prints, etc. My product reviews are based entirely on my own direct experience with the company and product(s) and will be presented so. Since monthly subscription boxes can be easily spoiled for subscribers, I wait until after the 5th of each month to publish my review and will include a spoiler alert at the beginning of any related post otherwise.

(scroll for more detailed info on review contents)

If a book or subscription box/product has been provided/sponsored, (rep/collab, author, agent, publisher, company, etc.), I will mention so in my review.

I have the right to refuse your request. This is just a hobby & not by any means a full-time occupation. Reviews are completed in the order that they are received unless otherwise specified or requested. Due to a high demand, I do not currently have a set processing time for book and box/product reviews to be completed. If your request has been accepted and I do not hear back from you to confirm, I assume the agreement is no longer valid and I will not read/review.

What do I like to read?

My preferred genre is Fantasy and I enjoy Young Adult/NA and Middle Grade books. I am also happy to read the following (not entirely inclusive):

– Historical Fiction
– Romance (NA, Contemporary, Historical, etc.)
– Contemporary
– Classic Literature
– New Adult
– General Fiction (Adult)
– Sci Fi
– Dystopian
– Paranormal

Please understand in advance that I will not feature ANY explicit or inappropriate (R rated) images or content on my blog. Any and all reviews/features for such content will be posted elsewhere (Goodreads for book reviews & Instagram [if appropriate] for features). This is a very fine line, contact me directly if you have questions.

ARC & Approved Formats

I accept advance reader copies (ARC’s) and all other book requests for review from authors, publishers, agents, publicists etc. in print format (preferred) as well as e-book (.pdf, .mobi, & EPUB).

You can submit your request via my Request a Review form, or email me directly at and I will be in touch.

If you are interested in collaborating for a giveaway – I accept print copies and swag items (if available) as well as box/product(s). I ask that any promotional/giveaway materials are shipped directly to me so that I can host the giveaway via my choice of platform (Instagram) on my own time and terms. All expenses for shipping and responsibility for the book/product(s) once the promotional items are in my possession will be my sole responsibility.

Should you want to collaborate for a digital (e-book, electronic giftcard to a shop/platform, etc.) giveaway/promotion, please submit your request through my Contact page to discuss the details.

What can you expect when you submit a request for review?

Book Reviews: I publish my book reviews via Goodreads and will happily publish to other platforms (Amazon, etc.) if specifically requested. On occasion I discuss my reviews via Instagram and Twitter when featuring books or products but this is entirely by choice, I do not guarantee that your book/cover will be featured on Instagram. My review will typically be 150 – 500 words containing disclaimer information, a summary, my personal opinion of the book, likes/dislikes, and final recommendations. Of course this list is not necessarily all-inclusive, there may be more or less involved depending on various factors.

If the review was requested or promoted/sponsored (i.e. by an author, publisher, agent) that information will be stated within the review. Additionally, I will provide said party with links to published material upon request when completed (via email or by direct message if applicable).

Should a review/feature be published here on my blog, I will include the cover image, publication information, summary, and necessary embedded links for purchase as well as my own full review and any additional images of the book that are provided or that I feature via social media (an example of a full blog review can be found here).

Subscription Box & Product Reviews: All reviews of boxes and products will be featured predominately via Instagram. The specifics of said features will be discussed upon my confirmation of the request, and details of the expectations/inclusion of information, photography, etc. will also be confirmed at that time. You can roughly expect:

– An “unboxing” via the story feature when the box/product is received with embedded links to associated accounts, shops, authors, etc.
– ONE initial high quality artistic photo featuring the box/product with links to any and all associated accounts to be included in the photo description
– ONE high quality artistic “unboxed” photo [specific to author swag/promo boxes, book boxes, and subscription boxes] featuring all contents with links to any and all associated accounts to be included in the photo description

An additional 1-2 photos of items within the box and/or of the product being reviewed may be provided throughout the weeks following initial receipt (unless otherwise agreed upon). I tend to feature box(s)/product(s) once per week within the month it was received.

If the review was requested or promoted/sponsored (i.e. by an author, publisher, agent, company, etc.) that information will be stated within the review. I do not provide individual links via email for box/product reviews. It is the responsibility of the requester to connect via social media to obtain the images and information when being tagged/linked directly to the content. I allow and promote re-posting of published content with appropriate credit to my accounts. If I find a photo of mine that has been re-posted without appropriate credit, it will be reported. I watermark/sign all of my photography unless a private release has otherwise been signed.

Please keep in mind that a requested review box/product is different from a rep/collaboration agreement and I am not obligated to promote the product further than my initial review (although as stated above, I usually feature additional information and photos via Instagram, see below).


As always, please feel free to get in touch via the Contact page or email me directly at if you have any questions or concerns.



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