Review Policy

My Review Policy

BOOKS: I am happy to review most genres of books on my blog, but my main focus is on YA and fiction/fantasy themes. It is my goal to provide an honest, thorough, and thoughtful review that my readers can enjoy and utilize. All of my book reviews are completely spoiler-free unless stated otherwise at the beginning of the post.

BOXES/PRODUCTS: I review most anything book/subscription box related from candles & coffee/tea samples to bookmarks, sleeves, magnets/pins, art prints, etc. etc. These reviews are based entirely on my own direct experience with the company and their products and will be presented so. Again, it is my goal to provide an honest, thorough, and thoughtful review that my readers can enjoy and utilize. Since many boxes can be easily spoiled depending on shipment status for subscribers, I will include a spoiler alert at the beginning of any posts with that possibility.

(keep scrolling for more info on what can be expected in my reviews)

If a book or subscription box/product has been sponsored or provided by a third party (rep/collab, publisher, etc.), I will mention so at the end of the review. Regardless, these reviews are entirely of my own opinion and based on my own experiences.

Please understand that I have the right to refuse your request. This is just a hobby of mine, not by any means my full-time occupation. Reviews are completed in the order that they are received unless otherwise specified or requested. Please allow 3-5 weeks for a book review and 1-2 weeks for a subscription box/product review to be published. If your request has been accepted and I do not hear back from you to confirm, I assume the agreement is no longer valid and I may not read/review.

What do I like to read?

My preferred genres are Young Adult, Fantasy, and Historical Fiction but I am also happy to read the following as well:

– Historical Romance
– Romance
– Contemporary
– Classics
– New Adult
– General Fiction (Adult)
– Sci Fi
– Dystopian
– Paranormal

I am NOT willing to read/review explicit erotica novels or novellas.

ARC & Approved Formats

I accept advance reader copies (ARC’s) and all other book requests for review from authors, publishers, agents, publicists etc. in print format (most preferred) as well as e-book (.pdf, .mobi, & EPUB).

You can submit your request via my Request a Review form, or email me directly at and I will be in touch.

What can you expect when you submit a request for review?

Book Reviews: I will be posting my main review here on the blog and am happy to review on Goodreads,, and most other public platforms by request. I also discuss my reviews on Instagram and Twitter. I will include the cover image, publication information, summary, and embedded links to the Amazon (or other online retailer where the book is available for purchase) purchase page as well as my own full review and any additional images of the book that are provided or that I feature on social media (an example of a full review can be found here).

Subscription Box & Product Reviews: I’ll feature a detailed unboxing of the contents including links, high quality images, & subscription information here on the blog that will also be shared share to Instagram and Twitter. Please keep in mind that a review box is different than a rep/collab agreement and I am not obligated to feature or promote the product further than my initial review (although most times I do additional features via Instagram, see below).


As always, please feel free to get in touch via the Contact page or email me directly at if you have any questions or concerns.


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