The Bookish Box, December “Yule Ball” Unboxing

I received this box last week, but didn’t want to spoil any unopened Christmas gifts so I waited to reveal the goodies within until now! The Bookish Box was created by the team over at Appraising Pages and is a monthly subscription box that perfectly describes itself! Unlike other book boxes, this subscription does not include a novel each month, but instead, features a shirt designed by Appraising Pages as well as a variety of 3-5 high quality and usable home, beauty, and fashion items inspired by everyone’s favorite books and characters! The December theme was “Yule Ball,” and being a Harry Potter fanatic let me tell you – I was not disappointed!!

This box was a purchase for my self and own use. It was in no way sponsored by or provided by a third party.



Subscription Details:

The Box: The Bookish Box
The Cost: Starting at $29.99 plus s&h, upgrades/add ons are available for additional $$$
Discounts: Varies by rep, 10% off your first month
What’s Inside: All boxes include a shirt and 3-5 home, beauty, and fashion items designed around the month’s literary theme

Our Thoughts:

I ordered this box as immediately upon hearing the theme announcement back in early November! Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was my absolute favorite book in the series and second favorite of the films (closely following the third installment, Prisoner of Azkaban). The Yule Ball was one of the most magical scenes, I can only imagine how amazing winter and Christmastime at Hogwarts would be!

Anyway, back to the good stuff! I purchased a one-time Nightmare Before Christmas box back in October (which was also amazing but I didn’t get around to posting it here) and I was pleasantly surprised, I’m so happy I gave this one a chance too!

There are three things that that make this box extremely desirable to me – the fact that every single item included is usable (you’ll find that as a reoccurring theme with me) on a day to day basis, the amazing and unique literature inspired themes that they come up with each month, and last but not least the plethora of customization/add on options! That  last one pertains specifically to the shirt, but the day when a theme comes along that I can’t live without, I will be the FIRST to upgrade to a hoodie!

Unboxing & Contents:
December’s box contained 5 items, including the shirt designed by Appraising Pages. As always, there was a lovely little description card detailing the items and where they came from, as well as their retail values. I think that the value idea is useful, if nothing else so that you can compare cost to value and determine if it’s worth it or not (to you, everyone has the right to their own opinions of course!). I estimated the value of the entire box to be worth over $55, that’s almost double the cost of the box!


These were a few of the smaller bookish goodies inside, although I wouldn’t say anything but the pin was actually very small at all! It was difficult to take a picture of the pin without a horrid glare, but it’s gorgeously crafted & very well made! The candle included was a 6oz-er, which is bigger than most sample candles I’ve ever ordered. It smells magical, much like what I’d like to think Christmas at Hogwarts would. That glorious travel mug you see has a poster of the band that played during the Yule Ball, the Weird Sisters! I was actually in the market for a new mug, problem solved!

The lovely bookmark below was crafted by one of my favorite bookstagrammers, the very talented @lexyolivia! I am assuming each box received the same bookmark, it’s so pretty I am afraid to use it in fear of ruining all of its glory *cringes*.


And last but never least, the wonderful shirt design by the team at Appraising Pages. Part of me was hoping that this would be some sort of wonderful bookish quote, but then I remembered I swore of wearing shirts with text because of my ehm, graciously proportioned upper half, and then I was very pleased with their work! After a closer look, I saw that the wreath is flecked with brooms, flying snitches, and Sorting Hats – I wonder if there is a way to decorate a real wreath with this much magic? And it’s sooo soft.

To say that I am pleased with the contents of The Bookish Box‘s December box would be an understatement. I am too huge a Harry Potter fan to underrate my excitement at the practicality of these items and their magical qualities. I may wait around until another box catches my interest to continue subscribing, but until then I’ll go back to my room where it smells of Christmas at Hogwarts and admire this month’s bookish treats!


5 thoughts on “The Bookish Box, December “Yule Ball” Unboxing

  1. They are doing another one time Harry Potter Box (sales start 4/3) and you get to choose your house! So I guess two of the items will be house themed, the shirt and something else. I don’t think I’m going to be able to not get this.

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  2. Very cool review of The Bookish Box and I too am a huge Harry Potter fan so understand your excitement and enthusiasm over the items you received. Thanks for the review as I had never heard of The Bookish Box.

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