Unboxing: January Attic Box – Celtic/Norse Mythology

The Attic Box by Blue Spider Press is a bookish subscription box that offers lovers of coffee, tea, and reading an affordable and fantastic monthly subscription where all of those amazing things are combined into one lovely little box. January’s theme was “Celtic/Norse Mythology” and it was my favorite yet! You’ll find my full unboxing below as well as detailed subscription information for those interested in joining!


Subscription Details:

The Attic Box by Blue Spider Press is a monthly subscription box that contains three gently used novels (handpicked according to your preferences I might add), one full-pot coffee or tea sample, and anywhere from 3 to 5 bookish treasures. Some of these treasures are even handcrafted by the team at Blue Spider Press and include but are not limited to  bookmarks, jewelry, etc.

The Box: Attic Box
Subscription Cost: Starting @ $21.99/mo plus s&h/applicable taxes
One-Time Boxes: Limited supplies available, starting @ $17.99 plus s&h/applicable taxes
Discounts: TRB10 for 10% off your subscription

Opening these boxes is always so much fun because each month they’re put together a little different. There is always a pop of color added with tissue paper and squiggly confetti, which I find way too much fun to use when taking pictures!

This month there were a couple special surprises from Candice & Jeremy in my box because my birthday fell around the same time that they were being put together. They included a sweet card and extra tea samples, as well as an additional book (which you will see below). This is my last month as a rep for them, but I’ve loved every second of sharing the gorgeous goodies that they put together with my followers and I have already renewed my subscription (a personal purchase since my rep period will be finished) so that I can continue receiving this fantastic box! <3 <3 <3

My favorite aspect to this box (that’s a lie, it’s tied with all of the other lovely things about it) is the sample of tea or coffee that is included which is your preference to choose when subscribing. Each month is a different sample, and January’s box had a really cute collaboration with Book Lovers Coffee by Lexington Coffee Co.!

Included in this box like many other bookish subscriptions, are little goodies that go along with the theme for the month. These beauties (a handcrafted necklace and Celtic cross patch) went right along with the Celtic/Norse Mythology theme and are too perfect for words. The difference between Blue Spider Press and many other boxes, is that they include custom/unique and hand-made items and they do such a beautiful job with them!

Ahhhh the books!! This month was a bit different for me because they were so kind and included an extra “Happy Birthday Book” for me to enjoy, isn’t that incredibly sweet and generous?! My genre preferences are set to Fantasy & Sci-Fi so each month they pick out 3 unique gently used books which are totally different than someone else with the same preferences might be getting! It’s another thing that sets this box apart from other bookish subscriptions, not everyone gets the same thing! I think that’s exciting :D

Among January’s picks for some of the items in the box was a framed print that features a Celtic or Norse God or legend, mine was “The Norns.” Another item in the box was this print with a pretty cool background on the Norse God of War, Tyr.

The last few items were fun, small things that included a paper bookmark exploring ancient symbolism, a cool “Ex Libris” sticker, and a the info card for Blue Spider Press and the Attic Box information (which was a sticker too, yay for stickers!!). Rumor has it that there were even some boxes that included a surprise drink tumbler!

This box continues to surprise and impress me every month, and it’s definitely one that I would suggest for any reader who loves the comfort and coziness of a small coffee/bookshop with the convenience of not having to leave your home!

If you are interested in subscribing, make sure to check out the information at the beginning of this post (links included) and use my rep code TRB10 for a 10% discount on your first subscription box! Should you have any questions about this subscription, please feel free to comment below and I will answer as best I can OR redirect you to the proper information online!

This box was provided by Blue Spider Press in exchange for promotion, review, and rep via Instagram. The opinions expressed here are completely my own.


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