Sub.Box Review: The Melting Library February “Sampler of the Month” – ACOMAF


For those who have ordered, but not yet received their box – look away now because this post is nothing but spoilers. Seriously. Turn back or find out what was included!

This box was purchased for personal use, this review was not sponsored by a third party.

The Melting Library
is a small company based in Brooklyn, NY that creates gorgeous hand-poured bookish themed candles. Their “Sampler of the Month” boxes are a new concept, the February box was actually their first attempt with the monthly subscription option on their website.

The subscription details are below, and here’s a blurb from their website with some info about what you can expect to receive in your “Sampler of the Month” boxes:

“Each month we’ll be releasing a limited amount of unique samplers inspired by a book, TV show, movie, etc. chosen by YOU over on our Twitter page! There are (6) 2 oz candles in each sampler.”

Subscription Details:

The Box: The Melting Library‘s “Sampler of the Month
Monthly Subscription: $23.28 + s&h (saves 5%)
One-Time Boxes: $24.50 + s&h
Discount: ACCIOLIBRARY10 (10% off from rep @accio_library, codes only work for one-time purchase boxes)
What’s Inside: This is a little vague, but you will get (6) 2 oz candles plus some small bookish goodies


My Thoughts / Review: ★★★★★

I was over the moon with this purchase because I’ve been dying to own one of their candles for months but high shipping costs have prevented me from buying anything up until this point (*cries*). February’s theme was ACOMAF, so I absolutely could not pass this up! They’ve done a great job with this box, not only were there the (6) 2oz candles but they also included 3 extra goodies! If you compare the price with their regular 6-piece sampler sets, you’re definitely getting more for the money and if you’re a die hard fan of their work then there’s no fighting the crowds to get the samplers upon release! I don’t believe it’s very set in stone yet regarding what extra items the boxes will contain, but this one included one of their roller perfumes, a bookmark, and a fun recipe card.

Now, for precautionary reasons I bought the one-time box because it was their first attempt at this and I wasn’t certain what the value would be. While what you are getting for the price is a great deal, I’m not planning to subscribe because I enjoy very strong scented candles and these ones are just a bit weak for my taste. I am however going to keep an eye on their future themes and possibly snag another one-time box or two!

The Unboxing:

This package came in a small USPS priority box that was tightly packed with bubble wrap. Everything was in great shape! They also included tracking for the order.

The first few things that I pulled out of the box were the description card which included the names of the candles along with their scents, a recipe card for “Meat Your Mate Soup” (I found this hilarious & adorable but you have to of read ACOMAF to understand the reference so I won’t spoil anything), and a gorgeous bookmark!

Next up were these two beautiful candles based on the characters Amren & Azriel. The Amren candle smells of “Dragon’s Blood and Amber” and Azriel smells like “Smoke, Sandalwood, and Black Musk.” I should mention here that every single candle was sparkly!

The next two made it my favorites list! Feyre smells like “Green Pine, Vanilla Musk, and Jasmine” and Cassian smells like “Redwood, Cassia Bark, and Patchouli.” I burned the Cassian candle after I finished opening everything, it was very different but it sure smelled lovely!

Second to last was the Morrigan candle which smells like “Blood Orange and Cinnamon” and lastly was Rhysand smelling of “Violet Blossoms, Sparkling Citrus, and White Woods.” It’s hard to describe, but Morrigan’s scent was a very strange combination that somehow works really well together. I had to sniff it a few times before I came to that conclusion, but I am excited to burn it and see how the scents mingle when lit.

I absolutely LOVED the Rhysand scent because it smells nothing like the usual Rhys candles. It’s fresh, slightly woodsy, but it still has the citrus that you think of when you imagine him! I’d say it was a tie between Feyre, Cassian, and Rhysand on which was my absolute favorite.

The last thing that was in the box was this gorgeous (and delicious smelling) “Night Court” perfume roller. To be honest I almost missed it entirely, had it not rolled out of the box I would have thrown it away by accident! I’m not entirely sure what the scent is and I would have assumed it’d be the same as the Rhysand candle, but it’s something entirely different yet equally as wonderful!


Once again I’ll say that I was very happy with this purchase! My only complaint is that I don’t think the candles are not very strongly scented when burning, and I understand that this comes down to personal preference so I still gave this subscription 5 stars because of the quality, effort, and value. I’ll definitely purchase another one-time box because it’s fun being able to sample so many scents and get some useful bookish goodies, but I don’t intend on subscribing or buying any full size versions of these candles.


Will you be trying out this new monthly book-themed candle box? What theme/fandom would you like to see them try this year? Comment below with your thoughts and if you have any questions, let us know!


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