One Lovely Blog Award

*throws confetti* This is so exciting because it’s my first blog award ever and I was so happy to get nominated for something fun like this! I want to thank the lovely Ryann the Reader for the nomination, and I really hope that y’all visit her & all of the beautiful blogs that I’ve nominated in this post. Oh, and spread the love! 

I really feel like I should have posted a review or something in between two posts like this, but I’ve been a bit behind with school and whatnot so NEXT WEEK I promise lovelies :-* Besides, I’d rather think of it in more of a mischievous way so as my sweet, sweet Mal puts it oh so eloquently…

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onelovelyblogaward Here are the rules:

-Each nominee must THANK the person who nominated them and link their blog in the post.
-They must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image
-Must add 7 facts about them.
-Then nominate 15 people! (I’m going to stick to 5 this time)

7 facts about myself:
(does anyone actually read these? LOL)

  1. I am a Communications and Technical Writing major (in my senior year, hopefully I’ll be graduating with my BA in October) and it’s my goal to work in the editorial or publicity fields (or both) with up-and-coming authors and major publishers!
  2. I live a completely low-carb lifestyle, meaning that I am on a carb conscious diet 24/7. It sounds worse than it is! Initially I started it to lose weight after a stationary desk job packed on the pounds, but I enjoy it so much that it’s just become a lifestyle and an active, healthy choice for me now!
  3. I’ve been an equestrian my entire life, horses are such a huge part of who I am! I ride predominantly Western for pleasure now, but worked as a trainer when I was in high school.
  4. I basically cannot go to the store without ending up coming home with a new pair of fuzzy socks. Even if I am going to a supermarket for lettuce. It’s a problem that I don’t want to fix :D
  5. My absolute favorite genre of books is fantasy of ANY kind! Young Adult, epic/high, dystopian/sci-fi, etc. etc. I love all variations and have no shame about it!
  6. I couldn’t live without my cell phone. Mostly because of Bookstagram…some shame.
  7. I have one tattoo but plan to get many more! Some literary themed, some not. It’s surprising because I am terrified of needles. I also have 4 non-normal ear piercings and plan for a couple more of those too xD

Here’s an extra for good measure and as an excuse to include my buddy Jimmy below…Hi, my name is Savana and I am addicted to GIFs :’D

My Nominees:

\\ Jessica @ The Hunt for Paperbacks //
\\ Rebecca @ Gentle Fingerprints //
\\ Jenn, Caitlynn & Eden @ Thrice Read //
\\ Zainab @ A Bibliophile’s Obsession //
\\ Amy @ Drink Tea. Read Books //

tell-us-what-you-thinkDo you have any questions  or other things you’re curious to know about me? I’d be happy to chat in the comments below! Also, I am always looking for lovely bookish blogs to follow so please tag yourself or or a friend below! <3 




2 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. These are great fun facts!! (Also, Malcolm Reynolds is indeed a precious little rebel <3)

    I have the same genre preferences, too! It made it kind of tough as an English major because all my professors wanted me to read the "classics" (which aren't necessarily bad), but I was over here trying to read YA Fantasy of one kind or another :P


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