Subscription Box Review- The True Tea Club

My Review – ★★★★★

Tea and coffee are LIFE, so when Matt over at The True Tea Club reached out to me to try their UK based loose leaf tea subscription box, I was ecstatic! It’s just as magical as I had hoped, so read on for more information and my full unboxing of this inexpensive, beautifully curated tea box. 

This complimentary sample subscription box was provided by The True Tea Club in exchange for an honest review.

thetrueteaclublogo2The True Tea Club is a UK based subscription box out of York, North Yorkshire that provides customers with samples of 4 uniquely curated loose leaf teas each month. They specialize in 7 types of loose leaf tea – white tea, green tea, black tea, oolong tea, chai, rooibos & herbal tea. They are reasonably priced (I’ve converted as best I can here for my US readers) and they have multiple box options. Here’s a little of what they have to say, followed by the subscription information:

True Tea Club was founded in York, North Yorkshire to source and supply the worlds best tea – supporting small grassroots suppliers; working with growers and sourcing our products from those as enthusiastic about tea as we are.

We are focused on providing quality teas from around the globe to our customers on a daily basis. We pride ourselves on having one of the largest selections of tea available on the market.

Subscription Details:

The Box: The True Tea Club
Monthly Subscription: £10.00 – £20.00 (roughly $12.30 – $24.59 USD)
Shipping: Free in the UK, £3.75 international delivery (roughly $4.61 USD)
Discount: 50% off your 1st subscription box w/ code LOVE, subscribers receive an exclusive 15% discount off the online shop to purchase additional tea
What’s Inside: 4 different loose leaf teas (they change monthly), 4 empty tea bags, welcome card, business card, and a tailor card


My Thoughts…

This is the first tea box that I’ve ever received and it was fantastic! I’m already a lover of loose leaf teas, so to have the opportunity to try some new flavors with a new company was very exciting. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect since The True Tea Club reached out to me and I didn’t see the order process online. When it arrived (super fast by the way) the box was small and adorable, it even fit in our tiny little mailbox! The contents were very simply but tastefully put together too.

I haven’t tried any of the teas yet (I’ll update this when I do), but I’m really excited for the types that were included. Take a look below for my full unboxing to see what was inside!

The Unboxing:

img_1269As I already mentioned, the packaging was small and very well done. The box was in great shape for having come all the way from the UK, and everything inside looked as though someone has just placed it in there for display. Now, that of course can vary depending on how your mail carriers treat the package, but I definitely believe it is in part thanks to the slim design that fits their contents almost perfectly.

Everything included was informational as well, it had all of their contact info & details about the company.

Image result for cup of tea png

This info card feels very personal, I felt like Matt was talking directly to me! There’s details about where they get the tea, membership perks, and a contact email for questions/concerns. The back of the same card has steeping information for each type of tea that they carry!



Image result for cup of tea png

Now for the main event! The 4 tea samples and 4 tea bags that are included in each box. Since it’s loose leaf tea, you need to have a way of steeping the tea (although I do know some who prefer it loose in their hot water) and this box includes everything you need to get started! I don’t know whether or not these tea bags in particular are reusable, however you can buy reusable infusers practically anywhere online for less than $10. These are little pouches with drawstrings to close. Perfect! I thought I’d include a pic of everything together here so that you could see what you are working with.


The four types of tea included in this box were Vanilla Cupcake (rooibos tea), Mighty Mango (green tea), Earl Grey Rebel (black tea), and Rainbow Chaser (herbal tea). I am especially excited about the Earl Grey Rebel blend, black teas are my favorite!

Image result for cup of tea png

Here are each of the teas (again, I know but it was all so pretty I couldn’t help myself) a bit closer up. The labels include the name of the tea blend, a description, what type of tea it is, origin, amount needed per cup, steep time, temperature, and ingredients.

Isn’t this packaging just a delight? So simple, but fun to photograph and perfect as a backdrop here! Just another reason the team in charge of this deserves some hype!

Image result for cup of tea png

And finally, my fully unboxed photo with all goodies & informational pieces in one place!


Image result for cup of tea png

This subscription box gets 5 stars from me because they’ve done such a great job with their attention to detail, providing helpful information for the customer, curation of lovely teas, and providing a simple yet beautiful package. I think that this is well worth the money, especially for someone who drinks tea daily like I do! And similarly to many of the book boxes that I post here on the blog, this box allows you to try new and different things (tea in this case) that you might not normally reach for!

I’m including their media information below so that if you’re interested in finding out more about them, you can go ahead and check them out/give them a follow!

The True Tea Club
Instagram / Twitter / Facebook / Website

Thanks so much for reading my review for this exciting box! Do you drink tea? Would you (or are you already) subscribe to this monthly subscription box? If you have any questions about it, please feel free to ask and I will do my best to provide you with an accurate answer!



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