My 5 Favorite “Bookstagram” Accounts This Week!

I’ve missed my blog and all of you so damn much, but I’ve started another job and with school etc. everything’s toppled over and it seems my blog has taken the hit. I wanted to do a quick and fun post here today to shine the spotlight on a few of my favorite “Bookstagrammers” this week. It’s something new I’m trying, I’ve seen sites like BookRiot and Read It Forward do it so yeah, maybe I am stealing the idea BUT just know that the accounts I am featuring here are some of my personal favorite, big or small! 

If you have no clue regarding what I am talking about, allow me to explain. This thing we call “Bookstagram” is basically the platform of Instagram but entirely book-centric. I’ve pulled the following definition from Google:

#Bookstagram: Instagram for books.

Plain and simple folks! The accounts under this style category post pictures and content based on books, book boxes, etc. It’s where I spend a good portion of my virtual day to be honest.

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I’m including a favorite picture from each account below with links to visit their page as well as any additional links I can think of to their content, so make sure that if you’re on Instagram and you enjoy book pics that you give them a follow! These accounts have gorgeous pics, great content, and they are all accounts that I do personally follow. I have not listed them in any particular order, they’re numbered to help me keep track while I’m writing this :P Check ’em out below!

1. @ihaveabookproblem

Sadie (who runs the account) is such a lovely person! We are book buddies too, sending the occasional letter or package & we share books and book recommendations back and forth :D I blame her for my most recent Book Outlet splurge. Look at this beauty, she does such a lovely job with props and her pics are always SO colorful! Oh, and you can follow her on Goodreads here!


2. @elvenlibrary

This gal’s feed is currently super nature-y (that might not be proper but you know exactly what I mean) and serene, kinda dark and broody and I think it’s so gorgeous! Check out her stories and book reviews via Wattpad here!


3. @mo_the_bookish

Speaking of color, Monique is crazy good at the whole rainbow book thing! This feed is sure to brighten up your day, so go check her out!


4. @deertales

I absolutely love the product features that this gal does. She’s really good at blending colors and making everything look so perfect. Gah. Beautiful pics! She also has a gorgeous blog that you can visit here.


5. @oceansbooks

Ocean, who runs this account, is such a sweetie! I truly think her pictures have come a long way, they get better and better all the time! Her current pics are centered between two shelves, I love the feel of them!


Aren’t these accounts just gorgeous! I hate narrowing it down to 5, I wish I had the time to include every single one of the amazing people I follow here. I’ll definitely be doing this again soon, so keep an eye out for more lovely accounts to follow and get your bookish fix!


What bookish Instagram accounts do you love? Or maybe you have one of your own? Comment below and tell us all about it!  




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