Unboxing – Meraki Candles March “Winged Warriors” Box

Meraki Candles is a UK based soy candle company that features bookish candles galore! They’ve been doing these monthly themed boxes for a little while now, but this was my first box and first order in general from them. Because of a shipping issue (the post office lost the parcel) I did not receive this until last week, but Heather was super helpful via their Etsy shop, they quickly sent out a replacement box that I received within 2 weeks. Yay! Their customer service went above and beyond. Okay, enough about that. On to the best part, more information & the unboxing!

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For anyone who might not have received their box yet, don’t read any further as this is a full unboxing with pictures of everything that was included. Spoiler alert. You’ve been warned.

More Info…

This is NOT a subscription box. To snag one of these babies, you have to purchase them individually each month via their Etsy shop. The theme reveals are usually done via Instagram, so check that out if  you are curious and if you want to learn even more, head over to their blog/website where the links to their shops are included.

The Cost…

This box was listed at $23.31 and with a 10% off code that I used from one of their reps, I paid $20.98 plus $12-something for shipping from the UK to the US for an overall total of $33.94. Not bad! I was actually very impressed with the cost & value of this box. I’ve made candle orders from companies here in the United States where I got fewer candles, and paid more for them and shipping. This box is definitely worth the price.

The Unboxing…

I was surprised at how compact and sturdy this package was! There wasn’t anything breakable included, so there was no need for excessive wrapping. A simple box. Love it.

IMG_3699 (Edited)

They included an information card and matching bookmark done by @dinomyteart that are just gorgeous featuring one of our favorite dragons, Smaug! There was also a lovely Spyro art print by @maliha_z_art! I’m gathering quite the collection of art prints, I can’t wait to get them all hung up someday.

Next up were two absolutely lovely little items. A Throne of Glass inspired “Abraxos” hand lotion by @behindthepages, and a lovely dragon scale necklace by @cogsandcuriosities!

I already love products by @lexyolivia, but there was a beautiful bookmark included in this box that I don’t have yet and IT’S GREEN which I love sooo it is utter perfection!

IMG_3685 (Edited)

And finally, the most important part of the box anyway…the candles!! There were 4, 4oz tin candles included themed to various fandoms. *drumroll* please…

The first candle is a Game of Thrones inspired “Drogon” that smells like eucalyptus and spearmint. It is a very pale green colored wax, very refreshing.

Next up is a How to Train Your Dragon inspired “Toothless” candle scented hot chocolate and sweet orange. It smells SO GOOD! The color is somewhat of an off-black, almost dark grey.

The third candle is inspired by the same vicious dragon that the info card/bookmark were designed after, Smaug! This Lord of the Rings inspired candle smells like cinnamon, clove, and buttermilk. A very spicy candle, but very subtle too. A lovely scent! It has a light orange colored wax.

And last, is my FAVORITE if only because there is not enough Eragon merch in this world, the Inheritance Cycle inspired candle “Saphira”. It is light blue in color and scented lavender, rosemary and geranium.

Another item that was included in the box was an extra coupon card/code for a discount or special offer, it looks like they were randomly disbursed and you could get a gold, silver, or bronze level “prize.” I’m not sharing that here, but I thought it’d be an additional little fun fact.

Overall, this box was perfect. It seriously exceeded my expectations because the cost versus the value of what was inside is completely worth the buy. The quality of the candles is great, I haven’t burned them yet but they all smell fantastic and the labels are really well done. Each of the items in the box matched the theme and are all usable, which if you’ve read any of my unboxings you know is very important to me.


I’ve already ordered and received the April “Far Away Lands” box, and will be posting my unboxing of it next month. I definitely suggest this company and this monthly themed box that they offer, especially if you want to try their candles and/or are interested in a specific theme. You will not be disappointed!

Have you ever ordered anything from Meraki Candles? What was your favorite item included in this box in particular? Make sure you check out the shops linked & tell us what you thought in the comments below!




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