Interview w/ Author Sydney Scrogham PLUS Exclusive Cover Reveal

Happy Valentines Day! 💗 I’ve had the pleasure of working with author Sydney Scrogham these past few weeks who is such a talented and fun writer. Oh, and we both LOVE the show Castle which makes us instant bff’s in my book ;) so when she agreed to answer a few questions for my readers I was thrilled! Continue reading “Interview w/ Author Sydney Scrogham PLUS Exclusive Cover Reveal”


Interview w/ Debut Urban Fiction Author, Kashinda Marche

thetriumphinmeI’ve been accepting books for review lately that do not quite fit the theme here on the blog, some have been hits and some have been misses for me but it’s been interesting expanding my horizons like I have been! The Triumph In Me by Kashinda Marche was a quick and gripping read that honestly may never have picked up had the author not reached out to me! Definitely a hit <3 Kashinda has been amazing, the book was fantastic, and now I am more inclined to reach for various sub-genres of fiction on the shelves including this newly discovered "urban fiction!" Kashinda is being a wonderful sport and joining us on the blog today to answer some questions about her writing, and provide a bit of insight into the takeaway from her debut novel. Keep Reading…