Book Review: “The Triumph In Me” by Kashinda T. Marche

Title: The Triumph In Me thetriumphinme
Author: Kashinda T. Marche
Length: 180 pages
Pub. Date: Aug. 28, 2016
Genre: Urban Fiction, Fiction, Short Stories

SummaryThe Triumph In Me will pique your curiosity as you are drawn into the world of the main character, Tharisse. This heart-rending urban fiction takes you on the journey of how one young woman struggles through her troubled life. Tharisse is introduced as a teenager; a time when she feels her image of a real man is tainted from the start. As a young mom, she’s diagnosed with a chronic illness that triggers the onset of mental instability. She becomes obsessed with how she raises her only daughter, Destiny. As Tharisse reflects on her discretions, she finds herself on a path of self-discovery in order to make peace with the negative energy built up inside. Join Tharisse as she shares some of her most deepest, inner thoughts about the demons she is forced to face. You, the reader, will not escape the emotional free fall that plunges with the turn of each page. Identify her mistakes that she later decides to own, as her truth is revealed. Tharisse is determined to turn her troubles into triumphs. This story will empower you to take on your own life challenges, giving hope for a better tomorrow. Keep Reading…