Book Review: “The Triumph In Me” by Kashinda T. Marche

Title: The Triumph In Me thetriumphinme
Author: Kashinda T. Marche
Length: 180 pages
Pub. Date: Aug. 28, 2016
Genre: Urban Fiction, Fiction, Short Stories

SummaryThe Triumph In Me will pique your curiosity as you are drawn into the world of the main character, Tharisse. This heart-rending urban fiction takes you on the journey of how one young woman struggles through her troubled life. Tharisse is introduced as a teenager; a time when she feels her image of a real man is tainted from the start. As a young mom, she’s diagnosed with a chronic illness that triggers the onset of mental instability. She becomes obsessed with how she raises her only daughter, Destiny. As Tharisse reflects on her discretions, she finds herself on a path of self-discovery in order to make peace with the negative energy built up inside. Join Tharisse as she shares some of her most deepest, inner thoughts about the demons she is forced to face. You, the reader, will not escape the emotional free fall that plunges with the turn of each page. Identify her mistakes that she later decides to own, as her truth is revealed. Tharisse is determined to turn her troubles into triumphs. This story will empower you to take on your own life challenges, giving hope for a better tomorrow.

TRB Review – 4/5

What immediately blew me away about this book, was the raw and real insight into the mind of a young woman facing daily struggles that many people can’t even imagine. The POV is first person narration by the main character, Tharisse, as she goes through various stages of her life beginning when she is just a teenager and the victim of drug use in the home, underage drinking, and very little feeling of self worth among many other things.

As the synopsis already revealed, she becomes a teen mother with a chronic illness that challenges her on a daily basis. The story followers her thoughts and experiences as she faces the life-changing struggles and joys that transition her from a dark, dangerous place to being a hard-working and God fearing woman. For having been such a short book, I think that the necessary characters were well developed and the story was fueled with an obvious heartfelt passion.

There are some very sad, emotional sequences that will tug on your heartstrings, and other happy and joyous parts that will warm your heart and remind you to be thankful for all of the blessings that you have in your own life.

The language and use of slang takes some getting used to if you aren’t familiar with this style of writing, but it is a quick adjustment and worth the effort. I gave this book 4/5 stars because overall I think that it was well written, everything was developed nicely and the story line was intriguing enough for me to be hooked in the first few chapters, but I do think that it feels somewhat rushed and underdeveloped. I say that only because there are multiple parts that feel much too expedited and others that seem a bit over-explained. Outside of this (which technically comes down to the editorial aspect of things anyway), the author has done a truly fantastic job!

This is a very fast read, and I would suggest it to anyone who has an interest in urban life/fiction, especially to those who struggle with self worth, addiction [of any kind], depression & anxiety, and faith whether that be struggling in an already existing faith or unsure/hoping to find one…this is an inspirational piece written by an even more inspiring woman!

– – –

We are excited to have Kashinda on the blog later this week to answer some questions about her writing and the inspiration/takeaway that she’s hoping her readers get from this beautiful novel. Keep an eye out for that interview, and make sure to comment on the “Tell us what YOU think” below!

A complimentary copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

About the author:


Kashinda T. Marche was born and raised in urban New Jersey; she is a mother of one daughter. Kashinda’s writing is genuine as it pours from her heart. Her way with words will leave you full of empowerment with a sense of aspiration. She has learned throughout her continuing journey of self-discovery just how vital a spiritual relationship can be. She has faced many difficult health challenges in life such as mental illness and a decline in her physical mobility. Kashinda is also the survivor of four brain surgeries occurring within a five year span. Kashinda T. Marche is a true model of championship. Despite battling these challenges, she still manages to share her gift of creative writing with the world. In this title “The Triumph In Me,” Kashinda delivers a message of inspiration. She exemplifies how to turn your troubles into triumphs by courageously broadening your perception of life. Kashinda hopes to reach as many souls out there who may also be trapped in their darkness as she once was.

This book is available for purchase in eBook or print via Amazon and you can connect with the author via  FacebookTwitter,  Instagram, or check out her blog!


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