Book Reviews, Subscription Boxes, & more!

Hello Lovelies!
As you are surely aware, it is Monday once again! As much as I despise early mornings and long days, I have to say that today was a good one. I am still waiting to get some review copies in the mail but I thought I’d introduce one of them today, as well as talk a little about another monthly subscription box that I’ve decided to try (I am SO excited about this one) and my extreme and new-found addiction to Etsy!

thewolfroadOnward to the good stuff! This is an upcoming review that I’ll be posting here and linking on my Instagram account.

The Wolf Road by Beth Lewis is a newly published (July, 2016) suspense/thriller novel about a girl named Elka who was taken in and raised by a hunter (whose name is Trapper) in a desolate wilderness. She then learns a horrifying secret that Trapper has been keeping and flees into the frozen north in search of her biological parents.

Amazon says, “The Wolf Road is an intimate cat-and-mouse tale of revenge and redemption, played out against a vast, unforgiving landscape—told by an indomitable young heroine fighting to escape her past and rejoin humanity.”

This is a different genre for me to venture into, but I am thrilled to have the opportunity to read it and write a review! The dust jacket is already very interesting to me, and having read the description 100 times I am getting more and more excited, I haven’t even received the book yet!!

book-boyfriend-boxNow this is THE most exciting thing that a Monday could offer — not only did I recently sign by for the BookCase.Club monthly book box (read my last post for more info), but I’ve finally found what I am hoping will be a fantastic book box that is PERFECT for me called the Book Boyfriend Box! It is a bi-monthly subscription box that provides 1 recently released YA novel along with 2-6 bookish goodies that can vary from something small like a bookmark to something larger like a custom candle or a t-shirt!

I’ve been stalking them for quite some time on Instagram, along with their IG reps, and I subscribed first thing this morning when it became available! It is a new launch and I cannot wait to see what they are going to do for us! I’ve even emailed them requesting to join their rep team on Instagram as well as to provide reviews and unboxings here on the blog, but I just sent that email this afternoon and am not really holding my breath (although OML how awesome would that be?!).

It starts at $29.99/2 month period (one box in a 2 month period) plus the cost of shipping which varies by location — did I mention this is an international subscription box?? — This price was great for me because I’ve been worried about spending $40+ per month for a box with my limited budget and it breaks down to about $15/month.

I absolutely ❤love❤ that this box is themed around “book boyfriends” which if you don’t know what that means they’ve so eloquently explained it as “any fictional male character that sweeps you off your feet” *cough* Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice anyone? ;) They ask your t-shirt size when you sign up and they make the entire process so simple! The October/November theme is  ✻✩✷ To the Stars ✷✩✻ Ahhhhh!

I’ll keep this part short since it probably makes no difference whatsoever, but I just need to shout it out to the world – I AM ADDICTED TO ETSY! Over the past few weeks I’ve stayed within a budget, but I have gotten some kick-ass goodies!! Look at these bookmarks, they’re gorgeous!
bookmark-collageThey each have a quote from a different romantic poet/author including Keats (my favorite of all time), Wordsworth, Coleridge, and more. Ahhh they’re so lovely. I’ve also gotten some other neat things, one of which is a gift and I cannot post it assuming that person may read this before their birthday ;)

Enough with my bookish nerdigans, I hope that you all had a wonderful start to the week and that it only proceeds to get better from here!

Are you reading anything currently? What genre is your favorite going into Fall? If you have a Goodreads account, please post it in the comments below so that I can follow you :)

Savana C.