Calling All…Writers? Readers?

Hi everyone! I just can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted here on the blog, which makes me so damn sad. I’d like to list off a bunch of excuses, but the fact of the matter is that I’ve been very busy and when I have down time, I’m exhausted so I sleep.

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Not only have I fallen behind on book reviews (shoutout to all the publishers and authors, so sorry!) but I’ve fallen behind on reading in general. Life problems, right? I miss it, but lately I’ve felt a pull toward starting to write again. I don’t mean nonsensical blog posts or a 600 page novel, just writing in general. I do it for school, which I despise…(*cough* in-text citations can suck a toe) however I have always had a great imagination and feel like writing fiction/fantasy is something I’d really like to start up once again.

The problem is…

I’m not sure where to start.

So, my post today is a call to all writers and readers out there who might possibly see this cry for help & be willing to reach out to me and either provide some writing tips, inspiration, or direction (i.e. a great blogger who has some insight, or a website you go to for reference, etc.) on where I should go from here. I don’t have a lot of time on my hands at the moment, so this is a passive thing that I want to pursue. Come November I will be finished with school (YAY! I’ll be a graduate with my BA – finallyyy) and I’m hoping to have much more time on my hands. Free time that will allow me to try new things, and chase a dream that I haven’t considered in quite a few years.

I understand that this is a bit vague, so I’m hoping that there are writers out there who have been where I am right now and might have an idea of where I’m coming from. I have the inspiration to start writing again, I just lack the direction. Here, allow Captain Mal to display my reaction to the computer screen when I attempt to sit down and start writing…

Image result for confused gif

Does that clarify anything? Well, hopefully this post is not going out in vain. If you have any advice for a new writer, PLEASE comment below or even email me directly at to reach out privately.

This is nerve wracking to me since I don’t normally ask for help, but there are so many incredible authors and creative people out there…I’m just hoping this hits home with someone.


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