Calling All…Writers? Readers?

Hi everyone! I just can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted here on the blog, which makes me so damn sad. I’d like to list off a bunch of excuses, but the fact of the matter is that I’ve been very busy and when I have down time, I’m exhausted so I sleep.

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Not only have I fallen behind on book reviews (shoutout to all the publishers and authors, so sorry!) but I’ve fallen behind on reading in general. Life problems, right? I miss it, but lately I’ve felt a pull toward starting to write again. I don’t mean nonsensical blog posts or a 600 page novel, just writing in general. I do it for school, which I despise…(*cough* in-text citations can suck a toe) however I have always had a great imagination and feel like writing fiction/fantasy is something I’d really like to start up once again.

The problem is…

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Book Box Trials

Happy Thursday!
We’ve subscribed to our first “book box” and are SO excited! I’ve been nervous to do this because as great as they all seem, $30+/month is a lot for a college student on a budget and that’s just for one box. I hate to say it too but I’ve fallen in love with all the goodies that each different box has to offer, so we’ll see how long I can hold off!

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Now, I’ve been researching different varieties (Owl Crate, Bookish Box, etc.) and finally decided to start small and simple with a BookCase.Club subscription trial which offers 2 books per month for $9.99 plus $5 shipping & handling making the total $14.99 if you subscribe month to month (there are discounted options for 3, 6, and 12 months). It doesn’t come with all the fun fandom merch that other boxes offer, but with 2 hardcover books it’s hard to argue the price. I’ve read reviews and it seems like most of their boxes value at over $25 consistently, although there are rarely newly published books which probably just means that they get good deals on older books and offer those to their subscribers in turn. Regardless, it seems to be a great value if you haven’t read the books.

Another box I’m dying to try, anyone care to donate? ^_^

That being said, for a newcomer to the book box scene this seems like a great way to start. I signed up for the “Teenage Dreams Case” mostly for the reason that I saw a John Green novel in a sample image and I love his style – I’m definitely hoping to get something along those lines but I am excited to see what they will curate for us. I have yet to find out if you are able to change your box preference during your automatic subscription, I’ll update you on that when I speak with a rep next month.

Would you guys be interested in an unboxing review posted here on the blog? I made my order this week and am hoping to receive it by the first week in October. The unboxing would not be in affiliation or sponsored by BookCase.Club but I’d be happy to provide one for any other book lovers curious about the value and quality of this box. Please comment below if you’re interested and if at least 5 people respond I’ll schedule this ASAP!

Have a great weekend!
Savana C.