Blog Updates, Review Policy Changes, & More – Info for 2018!

Hello everyone! I cannot believe that it’s been nearly 3 months since I’ve posted here. I have quite a few updates since my last appearance…some are regarding life, this blog,  and others are in lieu of what’s been happening with my reviews plus what is to come.

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As of November 1st, 2017 I graduated with my BA in Communications from SNHU online and I’ve also been working a new job locally to save up a little nest egg for my future. The last couple months of school were crazy so [obviously] my blog has seen the short end of the stick. I am now working to save money and my plan is to relocate sometime in the new year to begin my career with a company that I can pursue work in the Social Media Marketing/Editorial field!

Since I started reviewing here on the blog last autumn, I’ve had trouble remaining consistent in posting and over time have become much more focused on my “Bookstagram” account via Instagram. I now spend most of my time posting bookish pictures, chatting about books, and connecting with other readers like myself there. I’ve also transitioned much of my reading to my Kindle, and with that transition have been focusing my reviews to platforms like Goodreads and Amazon. Hence, why no recent reviews have been posted here. I have some ideas and will be implementing changes over the course of the next few months.

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My blog isn’t going anywhere! Continue reading “Blog Updates, Review Policy Changes, & More – Info for 2018!”


A Few Announcements

Happy Monday (Labor Day)!
Unfortunately I still have to work today *rolls eyes* BUT I do keep having to remind myself how fortunate I am to be working from home – I am donning some suuuuper comfy leopard print slippers (no shame) right now!

I want to get right into the good stuff this morning seeing as I have a couple different announcements for TRB this week.

TRIPLE SCORE LOVE1. Over the weekend we were notified that we won a very generous giveaway through Thoughts on This ‘n That blog by Cindy Roesel for the fantastic newly released novel, TRIPLE LOVE SCORE. Amazon’s description says “A poetry professor stumbles into fame and fortune as an anonymous online Scrabble(r) poet. Miranda lives a quiet life among books and letters as a poetry professor in a small upstate town. When two snap decisions turn up the volume on her life, she must decide whether or not her best laid plans actually lead to where her heart wants to go.

— Please keep an eye out for my review coming soon

2. I’ve decided on a name for my “bookish” Instagram, and have already started it up in hopes of gaining some followers for my first –very special – bookstagram post in a few weeks! I wanted to keep it relative to this blog as I will be joining links and images between the two…*drumroll*…

What do you guys think? I can always change it, but overnight we’ve gotten over 20 followers AND I really like it. It’s simple but relative, it is also descriptive of what we want to do!

Does anyone have a list of books they want to read in September? I’m on about 4 at the moment, if I keep winning these giveaways my shelves will be overflowing with new stuff for review and reading! Comment below with some of the titles in your list and I might just have to check them out!

Hoping everyone has a safe and fun holiday!
Savana C.